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Rebbe Rebbe

He enabled us to see everything, including current events with authentic Torah hashkafa.

One of the main lessons that he imparted to us was dili- gence in learning. He constantly emphasized the importance of perseverance in Torah learning.

His delicate guidance to ba’alei teshuva on the path to Torah observance was extraordinary. He constantly cautioned them to be “normal”. He warned new ba’alei teshuva to take proper steps in spiri-

tual growth, “baby steps,” so that they would blossom and grow properly in Ya- hadut and not chas ve’shalom fall in- stead.

His students always
turned to him for
guidance in the area
of shidduchim, chinuch, and other areas of life, he was like a father to them.

I vividly remember how he comforted one of his critically ill students. At the end of the conversation, he promised his student that he’ll take care of his will. Unfortunately, the

Rebbe Rebbe


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