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Rebbe Rebbe

It is an injustice to summarize the life of my Rabbi in one book. However it is a greater injustice if I do not share with the world what he has shared with me.

In 1997 Rabbi Moshe Walkin married off one of his daugh- ters. My whole class including myself was there to share in the happiness. Rav Ahron was there and as usual was sur- rounded by all his Talmidim. He was known to always be in good spirits. He had

a kin ability to make
anyone around him
laugh. He greeted
me with a warm
smile. He must have
noticed I was a bit
nervous about being
there and made a
funny gesture in an
attempt to try to
make me laugh. Un-
fortunately at such a young age I was an extremely sensitive teenager and mistook his kind gesture as a negative remark. He did not intend to hurt me at all but being that I was too sensitive I took it the wrong way and was deeply hurt. There and then I made a conscious decision to avoid being around him as I did not want to be hurt again. The next day in class the Rabbi greeted me warmly however I was still hurt from the night before and therefore didn’t greet him

back. The Rabbi was well aware of how everyone felt

Rebbe Rebbe


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