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Rebbe Rebbe

I was so shocked by his reac-
tion, that in the midst of Yom
Kippur prayer I burst out
laughing. I did my best not to
attract attention of others
around me. The rest of my day
was wonderful and I felt bet-
ter. I wondered at that mo-
ment, “Why did he do that ?”
This is Yom Kippur!!!! I under-
stood then that just as a loving
father appreciates when his
children apologize and im-
prove their actions, however
the same loving and caring fa-
ther would feel bad if his chil-
dren overdo it and become
depressed over their actions, as that would be counterpro- ductive. When my Rebbi saw that I had overdone feeling re- gret and started to feel depressed, in a blink of an eye he sacrificed his own honor by making a funny face just to take me out of my depression and make my life happier. This les- son has followed me even into my later years and has helped me in my life. At times at home when tension is high between my children, I’ll make that funny face and all my kids will burst out laughing and the atmosphere at home will automatically change from high tension into bliss and peace. As a father it may be hard as he is a model of educa- tion, however when I practice this lesson at home it brings a lot of happiness. If there is anything that I learned from all your Torah my Rebbi, it’s that of your love and care. Thank you my Rebbi.

Rebbe Rebbe


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