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Rebbe Rebbe

At the time of
the Siyum
HaShas I
heard Rebbi
was giving a
Daf Yomi Shi-
ur and from
that day on I
took upon my-
self to go
every night to
the Shiur. The
first night on my way to the Shiur I was thinking about the Siyum I would be making in 7 and 1/2 years from now and how I would dance with the Rebbi.

There were days where it was 10 degrees outside and my hands and face were numb, or I came home from basketball practice 30 minutes before the Shiur, I would quickly eat something and get ready to leave.

There were many days where I would feel so tired that I would close my eyes and when I was about to fall asleep in middle of shiur, Rebbe, with all of his intensity would yell the Gemara and I would be wide awake for the entire Shiur. Since I would sit right in front of him in the first row, every time he would see me space out or not taking notes on the Gemara, he would snap his fingers and motion to me to look inside or take notes.

Rebbe Rebbe


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