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Rebbe Rebbe

Rebbi was definitely a father figure to me. Everyday during dav- ening he would take me under his Tallit and cry a very deep cry, as if he can see through my soul, and what challenges I was going through. He loved all Jews so much, and it was a real love, not fake.

The one thing I will never forget what Rebbi taught me is, the most important thing in life and the only thing in life you need to do is ... to just do it ... you just gotta do ... you will be matzliach ...

I Remember the first time I ever met Rebbi I thought to my- self that this is not for me. After spending some time in the

Yeshiva and around Rabbi Walkin I realized that he was real and authentic. Everyone is looking for the truth and real. Rav Walkin will forever be in my Tefilot and in my learning. I love you Rebbi.

Rebbe Rebbe


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