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Rebbe Rebbe

Rav Walkin ztl was the most incredible person I ever met in my life. He lived with Hashem like a little child with his Abba and cared nothing about the outside world or its per- ceived reality.

He loved the Jewish people in an indescribable way and prayed for their well being with all of his might. He cried constantly because he was very pure and therefore acutely sensitive to the distress of others, and this empathy poured out of him every time he opened his mouth to pray to Hashem.

Through love, self sacrifice, empathy, conviction, deeply heartfelt Tefillah, passion for learning and teaching Torah, and leadership, Rebbi taught me the entire Torah.

He was a living, walking Sefer Torah, mamash. As a result, I was able to see how much Hashem really sacrifices for us, how much Hashem really empathizes with us, how much Hashem loves His Torah and His children. I had read about real Tzaddikim and their unimaginable levels of sacrifice and compassion in sefarim alone. Rebbi was the first, and only one, I have ever met in real life that exemplified what I had read in sefarim.

Rebbi taught me that above all else, simplicity and unpre- tentiousness were the keys to genuinely serving Hashem

Rebbe Rebbe


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