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Rebbe Rebbe

and living a truly good life. This has left an indelible im- pression on me, and has changed me forever.

Rebbi was my Rebbi, he was my second Father, he was my best friend, he was my brother, he was my biggest support- er, he was my
guardian angel.

There is no way to describe who Rebbi was to me or how one person can do all those things at one time. Rebbi is Rebbi.

I remember to this
day that Rebbi used
to say "I am not jealous of anything or anybody except for one thing. (Tears begin welling up in Rebbi's eyes)...That Kohanim get to stand up in front of Klal Yisrael every day, and to bless them with love."

Rebbi never gave up on me. Despite all of my troubles with mental health, having no formal experience in learning Torah or reading Hebrew or Aramaic, Rebbi ONLY saw the good in me. He ONLY saw my heart. And Rebbi probably was the first to ever truly do so. As a result he gave birth to the person I am today. I could go on and on but it wouldn’t do him justice. He was truly remarkable. Hashem blessed me with the privilege to learn from such a tremendous Rebbi and person. I miss him greatly.

I am forever grateful to Rebbi and to Hashem for giving me Rebbi. I love you Rebbi, always and forever!

Rebbe Rebbe


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