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Rebbe Rebbe

I’ve met Rabbi Ahron Walkin, over 13 years ago, in Yeshivah Ohel Simcha, at his amazing Sunday Chumash classes. It was an unbelievable experience. Surrounded by Rebbi’s love we all felt as his children.

This is how Rebbi treated people around him, with great love and sensitivity.
Rebbi taught us everything, in his classes he touched upon every detail of life. The words of Torah penetrated our hearts through the power of Rebbi’s voice.

Even when Rebbi was teaching Halacha, Rebbi was using multi-dimensional view at every aspect of Jewish law. This is an amazing inheritance from our dear Rebbi.
Rebbi was teaching us how to be honest and straight peo- ple, he had these qualities mastered.

It’s hard to believe that our dear HaRav HaGaon Rav Ahron Walkin is not with us anymore... Often, when I drive near the Yeshiva building, the place where Rebbi was giving his classes to his Talmidim and to the community members in general, I want to stop the car, enter the Bet Midrash and see Rebbi again...I say to myself – Rebbi is still here, he is here, what we’ve all experienced, the loss of our dear Rebbi was a bad dream... as tears are coming out, you realize that it’s not a dream. Rebbi is in Olam shel Emet and Bezrat Hashem, with the coming of Melech haMoshiach the Rebbi will be back.

We’re missing our dear Rabbi Walkin very much... his smile, his hugs, his energy and his positive outlook on everything in life. We love you, Rebbi, we will continue on the path you taught us Bezrat Hashem.

Rebbe Rebbe


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