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Rebbe Rebbe

place, where are the smiles.”

He would always tell jokes to get people to laugh and be besim- cha.

One of the many
things that always
amazed me was how
he learned Torah, he
always looked at the daf or the sugiyah in through many angles. He knew every aspect of what the sugiyah was deal- ing with, and this always left me in awe of his greatness in the sea of Torah.

We would sit and learn with the Rebbi and hear how he ex- plained and examined Rashi, Tosafot, or any of the great meforshim. He always emphasized the deeper meaning of what the meforshim actually said. We were able to see it simple after he said it then just what could be perceived from just reading the text.

How I first got to meet the Rabbi and join the Yeshivah was very interesting. It was the summer when I just came back from yeshivah from Israel and was looking for a place to learn in Queens. I heard from a few friends that there was this new yeshivah that just opened up that summer under the leadership of the Rav, Rabbi Ahron Walkin, and that he was an unbelievable Rebbi to learn from. I didn't know who

Rebbe Rebbe


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