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Rebbe Rebbe

he was at all and actually was thinking of already signing up to another yeshivah to learn. However I decided to at least check out the Yeshivah and meet this great Rabbi that I've been told so much about.

When I walked in to the yeshivah with one of my friends, the second Rebbi saw me, he gave me a huge smile and said “Hi”, and began the shiur. I was amazed.

For 3 years that I merited to learn under Rebbi. There are no words capable of describing how amazing he was.

For us every second of being around his gadlut a lot can was learned. One of the few things I feel that I have learned and grown from Rebbi is having a whole different view and ap- preciation towards learning Torah.

Rebbi always taught us how to be healthy in our Avodat HaShem. By learning Mesilat Yesharim with him we saw how he knew how to break it up and explain everything so clear and beautifully. His explanation would be on our level and penetrate our hearts.

He will be forever missed, and always feel his void in our hearts. Bezrat Hashem we should meet again after coming of Moshiach.

Rebbe Rebbe


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