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Rebbe Rebbe

I want to thank
Hakadosh Baruch
Hu for blessing
me with the priv-
ilege of knowing
and being in the
presence of our
precious holy and
brilliant Rebbi,
Harav Ahron
Walkin Zt”l. We were and still are engulfed in the bright light of the modern day Torah giant. He knew everything and cared for everyone. He would cry to Hashem to have mercy and compassion on all his students, congregants, and all of the Jews who were in struggle and suffering.

We greatly miss the light that would shine from his face when he would smile, the kind and funny word that instant- ly lifted up our mood. He was a fatherly figure to many, something that was exactly missing for some. We all wit- nessed how Rebbi had an endless grasp of holy Torah knowledge. He taught us priceless years of lessons in hours. Every class was like Gan Eden soaking in the Deep and holy wisdom of Hashem.

In the 18 months that that I spent together learning Torah we had learned so much. The Rav would shower us daily with words of Maran Rav Ovadya Yosef from the seforim

like Yalkut Yosef, Yabia Omer, Chazon Ovadia. His halacha shuir mixed with Yeshivish Pilpul was a combination of Torah brilliance that touched on all topics of Halacha, Gemara, etc. His weekly parsha shuirim were of particular artistic joy. It was like drinking the finest bottle of wine. Every lesson would make you intoxicated with spiritual ec- stasy.

Rebbi nurtured us through his warmth, humor and bril- liance. How lucky we were to have such a Rebbi.

Rebbe Rebbe


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