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Rebbe Rebbe

When I set out to find a Yeshiv- ah to learn in for the summer of 2019, I didn’t anticipate to what extent my life would change.

I was first intro-
duced to Rav
Ahron Walkin
almost a year ago in mid-June and spent the last 10 months learning under his guidance in his Yeshiva. The day I met

him I was already swept away by his kindness and sensitivi- ty. I walked in, a bit lost, and Rav Walkin instantly wel- comed me and called me over to take a seat to join in for the shiur. Already I felt a wave of comfort wash over me and thought to myself that this might be “it”. As the days went on, Rav Ahron made it

his business to get to know me more, and this slowly led me to having a closer relationship with him as he guided me through life from so many different angles. It was under his guidance that I was able to ac- complish finishing my first tractate in the Tal- mud, Tractate Taanit.

More than that, the Yeshivah was more of a home to me and Rav Walkin was like a father. He showed sensitivity to each soul that stepped foot into the building and ensured that everyone was included and cared for. I have never met someone as selfless and caring as Rav Walkin, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to spend all this time with him.

The Rav always placed strong emphasis on accepting every- thing that happens in our lives, and to always move in life with a smile. He would always say that there was nothing

better than the Yeshivah as “this is where the real world is.” The Rav taught me that learning isn’t a chore Chas Ve- shalom, nor an escape of any sort. Rather, he taught all of us that learning is the truest and realest thing there is in life. I was always astounded by how much the Rav did for us and for the community. To imagine living during the week in Queens, away from his family, so he can teach us is something so mind-blowing. He showed me what it means to be a person before anything else.

The Rav always said that we should “be good”, and he en- sured we got the message every single day. I know that right now he would only want his legacy to continue and that we should remain in a state of happiness and serenity knowing that Hashem is watching over us, ensuring that everything is for the best. Rav Walkin will surely be missed, but he will never be forgotten. Thank you Rav Ahron for everything you’ve done for us, may we all merit to see each other again very soon in the times of Mashiach, Amen!

Rebbe Rebbe


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