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Rebbe Rebbe

I still can’t set my mind around the past few weeks. It seems like we are trapped in our houses, breaking our normal and forgetting that an outside world exists. Worst of all, Bezrat Hashem when we can gather the communities again, your wisdom and presence won’t be there to comfort us.

Our dear and beloved Rebbi sacrificed so much to energize and revitalize our community with Torah and kindness. I spent my Mondays through Thursdays with Rebbi for more than a year, from the time of Shacharit until nearly midday.

My mornings began with a smile from Rebbi welcoming me to the shul. This always
pushed me to daven
timely and with the

minyan, in which I
would observe the tears
of Rebbi after his pri-
vate prayer. Ending
Shacharit with singing
when called for and en-
couraging and thanking
the Hazzan for leading the prayers. Without wasting time,

Rebbi gave us insights of mussar, halakha and pure inspira- tion after prayers. Always starting with a topic, that in my mind I thought I knew well, only towards the end reconsid- ering of how much depth a “simple” concept can have.

My morning proceeded with a new program that Rebbi be- gan, the daf yomi. An area that I haven’t touched and now have committed to continue.

If I had an opportunity I would tell Rebbi that other than all the time and care you have given me, I wish I could only re- late to you, of how important you were in my life. Your hand turned the wheel for me daily and inspired me to im- prove my contribution to the world. Everyday that I parted from you, you bade me Shalom with a genuine smile and to stay strong. The only thing I can say is, thank you and with Hashem’s help I will stay strong.

Rebbe Rebbe


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