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The Study of the World and Its Science

The Study of Creation, The Study of Science, Recognizing the Beauty of God

The study of Creation, in all its order, system, and details, is not a matter of theology and philosophy alone. Researching the processes and workings of the universe is a science and wisdom like all other sciences. However, through this study, one can recognize God, whose seal is evident in every aspect of Creation. By studying the universe and everything within it, we can understand [the greatness of God by which it is stated] "He who spoke and the world came into being." Accordingly, King David said (Psalms 19:2), "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands." The body of Creation proclaims and displays the Creator, to the extent that the heavens themselves declare, for those willing to listen and see the glory and splendor of God. Through studying the Creation that surrounds us, one can recognize and learn about the greatness of the Almighty Creator and His wonders.

Similarly, King David said (Psalm. 35:10), "All my bones shall say, 'O Hashem, who is like You?'" It follows that King David drew lessons and knowledge from his anatomy and its function, thereby learning how they operate and function according to the words of the Creator, the One who gives them life. "O Hashem, who is like You?..." That in every created thing, we can explore and learn about the reality of the Blessed Creator.

Therefore, we find in the Seder Maaseh Bereshit (the sequence of the creation story) that its details and nuances are discussed. As a source for our discussion, we should mention the words of the Maharal of Prague, who wrote in his work Nesiv HaTorah (Chapter 14), that for everything necessary to understand within the framework of the world, a person must learn and is obligated to do so, for everything is the work of God. We must understand them to recognize our Creator.

Therefore, contemplating the essence of the world does not mean investigating the reality of God but instead studying the beauty and wonders of Creation, and this implies that there is an obligation to examine the order of Creation, such as as the Maharal stated, "for everything is a work of God," and this is as we have said, that through this one can recognize his Creator."


The Content in this post is a rough translation from Lev Aharon Sefer Berieishs

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