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Why Noach Found Favor in God's Eyes

THE TORAH (GENESIS 6:7-8) CONVEYS THE NOTION THAT God chose to spare the world from annihilation because of Noach's favor in His eyes. The verse reads as follows:

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ויאמר יהוה אמחה את־האדם אשר־בראתי מעל פני האדמה מאדם עד־בהמה עד־רמש ועד־עוף השמים כי נחמתי כי עשיתם: ונח מצא חן בעיני יהוה:

Hashem said, I will obliterate mankind which I have created from the face of the earth, from man to beast, to the creeping things and to the birds of heaven, for I regret that I made them. However, Noach found favor in the eyes of Hashem.

Here, Noach is described as possessing the attribute of favor, and it is noteworthy that God found favor in him. It is important to consider the significance of Noach's possession of the attribute of favor and why God found favor in him. This can be explained with two explanations. One interpretation is that Noach's righteousness was not merely a result of his adherence to God’s commandments but a manifestation of his innate goodness and sincerity. That is, he was righteous in his character traits - Middos.

Another answer is that Noach's completeness may have been seen as a result of his ability to balance his spiritual and physical needs. Rather than being consumed by either extreme, Noach maintained a sense of equilibrium and harmony between his physical and spiritual selves. This balance contributed to his ability to find favor in the eyes of God

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